Opportunities are the name of the game for fantasy football

It is no secret that we want players getting the ball because you cannot score fantasy points without the ball. 

That said, not all opportunities are created equal for fantasy football.

I touch on this often in the fantasy player tiers when highlighting the different archetypes of players with those tiers. 

We, of course, want our pass catchers to get a ton of target volume in general, but which ones are getting the highest rates of deep ball, red zone, inside of the 10-yard line, and end zone targets that really churn out fantasy production?  

Those are the passes that are the high-cholesterol fantasy targets we are looking for.

Even if a player is lower volume overall, but high in those areas, an unprojected target spike could mean a breakout fantasy season or those pass catchers are just underpriced in general due to being marked at their projected target volume.

If you are wondering why those are the types of targets that carry the most fantasy weight, here is the breakdown in points per target for PPR scoring on those throws per position since 2010. 

Average Fantasy Value of Target Type Per Position

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