• When to take the Big-Three in drafts
  • Tight End Sleepers
  • Tight End Busts

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We’ve dug into the details and ranked the tight ends. Now it’s time to discuss how to approach the position for your fantasy drafts.
When to go Big Three?
The overall pros in doing so successfully are purchasing positional stability from the beginning to the end of the season with a weekly positional advantage over the majority of your league. In the opening post covering the tight end position, we laid out the objective pros and cons of taking a tight end early, but there are some strong league-to-league factors (outside of TE premium scoring) that increase the viability of taking one of the power players at the position early.

  • Auctions
  • Leagues that require only two starting wide receivers
  • Leagues without FLEX positions
  • Full-PPR Scoring formats

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