In this edition of Win the Dynasty Waiver Wire, Curtis Patrick shares his top waiver targets for Week 3 in dynasty fantasy football leagues. You can find more of his work at

Whether by injury, snap count, or role, every fantasy owner can look at their squad and identify a player who disappointed relative to expectations in Week 2. There are some priority claims to focus on this week, including a few players who I think could be flex-level starters for the rest of the season. The season is still very young, but some of what we saw in Week 2 was actionable.

It’s very important to churn your bench based on trends in dynasty if you want to be in position for a title at the end of the season or any other season. If you aren’t adding and dropping, you aren’t trying. I’ll also provide free agent auction bid (FAAB) guidance. You’ll note some aggressive numbers because the goal is to actually add these players, not just price enforce.

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