With training camps officially open for all 32 NFL teams, the 2022 fantasy season is right around the corner. As a reminder, you can find all of the 2022 fantasy ranks and articles from the entire offseason in one central fantasy location.

One article that I wanted to bring back for this season was this one highlighting wide receivers being drafted as WR3 fantasy options or later that had a higher range of outcomes within their grasp. These are wideouts that have standalone appeal on their own merit, but also are some of the best contingency bets at cost behind wide receivers that require high draft capital. 

That article last season provided us with some super hits in Deebo Samuel and Mike Williams. The top-down methodology is simple. Handcuffs attached to elite running backs get pushed up boards and drafted for their apex outcomes, but that is not the same for wide receivers, who also have a better path to standalone value without a primary injury.

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