Visual and Technical Look at *NEW* 2014 NFL Season Wins

On Friday, CG Technology, formerly Cantor Gaming, released 2014 NFL Regular Season Win totals.  This is the earliest I’ve ever seen them posted, obviously set now to entice action for all who come to Vegas for the NCAA March Madness. These numbers are fresh and currently have $1,000 limits (info via Wagerminds).

Below are two looks at the numbers.  First, a technical analysis comparing current numbers to the last 3 years AND taking a detailed look at the 2014 schedule vs the 2013 schedule.  Click the link to expand the image.

The second is a visual look at the 2014 projection vs the 3 prior years.  This is an interactive graphic, feel free to click around and if you want to “deselect” anything, just click again.

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