We’ll be breaking down all the major and minor moves for NFL Free Agency with grades and analysis. You can find the comprehensive list of moves and grades here.

Reported deal: Three years/$37.5 million with $27 million guaranteed

Corey Davis saw his 2020 breakout come thanks to a well-schemed offense and open routes down the field. There was some concern Davis might not see that type of offense when he hit free agency, but he potentially landed in a great spot for schemed open production deep and in the middle of the field. We don’t know yet how well Mike LaFleur runs the Kyle Shanahan scheme, but Davis fits the mold perfectly as a player who can take advantage of the space created and run after the catch.

It’s not difficult to see Davis on the receiving end of a wide-open play-action shot, which is what he did he best at as he developed with the Titans.


In this role, Davis won’t have to be a true No. 1 receiver since the Shanahan offense doesn’t really rely on one. Davis and Denzel Mims make up an athletic duo at receiver with the potential of Jamison Crowder in the slot, should he stay on the roster. That’s a decent enough starting trio and also leaves room for improvement.

The contract here is only slightly more expensive than what the New England Patriots handed out to Nelson Agholor, albeit with an extra year added. The Jets came into free agency with the second-most cap space and didn’t have to break the bank or reset that market to tackle a position of need with a young player with upside. 

Grade: B+