As we rapidly close in on the season, I do want to spend just a bit of time on positional archetypes. When we laid out our fantasy tiers earlier in the summer, I went through the process of why it is important to understand how a player accrues his fantasy production to get a better understanding of how that player performs in context of opportunities given, which can fluctuate year-over-year or in a given week. With that foundation, we are taking a further dive into how players are utilized and highlighting some of the pros and cons of that usage. 

So far this week, we have drilled into snaps, routes, and targets for tight end usage as well as how tight ends scored their fantasy points by their dependence on receptions, yardage, and touchdowns. We also looked at which wide receivers relied on yardage, receptions, and touchdowns. Today, we are going in on the wide range of uses for running back scoring. 

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Relying on Rushing

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