We break down why you should take the UNDER on Trevor Lawrence interceptions player prop bet for the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

Trevor Lawrence Interceptions Prop Bet: Why you should bet the under

Current Interceptions Over/Under for Trevor Lawrence:

#1 Reason to bet the Under: 

If Lawrence hit the over on these numbers, he’d be the first quarterback to throw 15 or more interceptions in consecutive years since the 2015-16 seasons. 

Lawrence did not look prepared for his first NFL season 一 he threw seven interceptions in his first three games 一 and it’s tough to not to assume Urban Meyer deserves a significant portion of the blame. 

Now Doug Pederson takes over and, based on his track record in Philadelphia, he’s likely to create more coherent game plans for Lawrence. 

#2 Reason to bet the Under: 

During Pederson’s tenure in Philly (5 seasons) 一 which spanned the Carson Wentz era 一 his Eagles teams threw 15 or more interceptions in a season only once. 

During Wentz’s rookie year, the Eagles threw 10 or more yards downfield at the ninth-lowest rate. The following season, Philly ranked threw 10 or more yards downfield at the third highest rate. 

Those numbers are a good indication that, even though Pederson wants an aggressive offense, he knows when his quarterback isn’t capable and is willing to simplify his play-calling when necessary. 

Last year, the Jaguars ranked 13th in the league in percentage of throws at 10 or more yards downfield 一 a game plan which clearly didn’t work for Lawrence. 

So we should expect one of two scenarios to play out. Either Lawrence improves, and is capable of throwing downfield without turning the ball over at a high rate. Or Pederson will scale back his usage of those plays, forcing Lawrence to protect the ball by creating easier throws. 

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