We break down why you should take the Over on Russell Wilson passing touchdowns player prop bet for the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

Russell Wilson Passing Touchdowns Prop Bet: Why you should bet the over

Current Passing Touchdowns Over/Under for Russell Wilson:

Why you should bet the Over:

  • Playing behind better offensive line in Denver
  • Elite competition in AFC West could force high-scoring games

Although Russell Wilson will have to adjust to new surroundings this year, his track record in Seattle and upgrade in supporting cast should give us confidence he hits the over on these passing touchdown props.

#1 Reason to Bet the Over for Russell Wilson

The upgrade in overall surrounding talent is the biggest factor in projecting strong numbers for Wilson this season. Although Denver does not boast an elite offensive line 一 we placed them 16th in our unit rankings 一 it’s an upgrade over Seattle.

In 2021, Seattle’s offensive line allowed pressure in 2.5 seconds or less on 25% of pass plays, ranked 24th in the league according to TruMedia.

Wilson likes to hold on to the ball 一 30% of his attempts occurred at least three seconds into the play last year 一 and Denver’s line should provide him better protection on those extended plays.

#2 Reason to Bet the Over for Russell Wilson

In the AFC West, Wilson is also likely to play in higher scoring games this season, as he’ll be forced to keep pace with the other prolific offenses in his division.

Divisional games in the AFC West averaged 47.9 points per game last year, compared to 46.3 in the NFC West. And six of the 12 AFC West divisional games reached at least 54 points, compared to only two in the NFC West.

Even in Pete Carroll’s conservative offense, with declining talent around him, Wilson reached at least 31 touchdowns in four of his final five seasons in Seattle. Based on that track record, and the improved talent and scoring environments in Denver, we should feel good betting the over on his touchdown props.

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