The Worksheet, a comprehensive fantasy football preview by Rich Hribar, breaks down everything you need to know about the Week 2 matchup between the Jaguars and Chiefs.

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Kansas CityRank@JacksonvilleRank
-3.0 Spread3.0
27.0 Implied Total24.0
21.019Points All./Gm21.019
70.025Opp. Plays/Gm69.023
5.110Off. Yards/Play5.011
5.324Def. Yards/Play4.110
48.57%21Opp. Rush %37.68%10
51.43%12Opp. Pass %62.32%23

  • Jacksonville was third in success rate offensively (47.1%) in Week 1.
  • The Chiefs had an offensive success rate of 37.9% in Week 1, their lowest rate in a game since Week 13 of the 2021 season.
  • Patrick Mahomes posted a 32.2 rating in the second half of Week 1, the lowest rate in the NFL. He went 9-of-22 for 79 yards (3.6 Y/A) with an interception.
  • That was the lowest second-half rating he has had since Week 17 of 2019, which was the lowest of his career.
  • The Jaguars prevented a first down or touchdown on 64.3% of their Week 1 drives, second in the league in Week 1.
  • That was their highest rate in a game since Week 15 of the 2017 season.
  • In two games against the Chiefs last season, the Jaguars allowed a first down or touchdown on 75.0% of the Kansas City possessions.
  • Jacksonville averaged just 4.8 yards to gain on third downs in Week 1, the lowest rate in the league.

Trust = spike production for that player


Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes did not deliver front-end QB1 production in Week 1, but because the league struggled as a whole, a down Mahomes game was still good for QB7 (19.5 points).

I don’t want to take anything away from Trevor Lawrence, but there is something to say about Mahomes when an objectively bad Mahomes game was still better than what Lawrence was last week for fantasy.

With no Travis Kelce, Mahomes completed 53.8% of his passes, his lowest rate in a game since Week 13 of the 2021 season.

His 5.8 yards per pass attempt were his fewest in a game since Week 9 of the 2021 season.

Without Kelce, no pass-catcher stepped up, and the team threw everything they could on the field.

13 different players for Kansas City ran a pass route while nine of them ran double-digit pass routes.

The Chiefs have a longer layoff to get Kelce back in action this weekend, so we will follow his status throughout the week.

If Kelce is back, Mahomes is a top-level fantasy option and I would bump him up on the Trust tree. If we do not see Kelce for another week, then Mahomes is still a viable QB1. His ceiling outcome is just not as probable.

When these teams played in Week 10 last year, Mahomes was the QB2 (31.1 points), going 26-of-35 for 331 yards and four touchdowns.

Mahomes suffered an ankle injury when these teams later met in the playoffs, but he still completed 22-of-30 passes for 195 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Mahomes ran for 45 yards in Week 1, something he has done more since the start of last season when he has been healthy. In that Week 10 meeting last season, Mahomes ran for 39 yards.

The Jags just allowed 40 yards and a rushing score to Anthony Richardson in Week 1.

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