The Worksheet, a comprehensive fantasy football preview by Rich Hribar, breaks down everything you need to know about the Week 3 matchup between the Browns and Titans.

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3.5 Spread-3.5
18.5 Implied Total22.0
20.011Points All./Gm14.52
64.516Opp. Plays/Gm53.53
5.114Off. Yards/Play5.022
5.420Def. Yards/Play3.72
37.21%7Opp. Rush %38.32%9
62.79%26Opp. Pass %61.68%24

  • Tennessee is allowing 7.0 yards per passing play (29th) as opposed to allowing 2.7 yards per rushing play (second).
  • Cleveland is averaging 5.4 yards per rushing play, second in the NFL.
  • The Browns are averaging 4.5 yards per passing play, 30th in the league.
  • The Browns are allowing 4.0 yards per passing play, second in the league.
  • Ryan Tannehill is averaging 12.3 yards per pass attempt with the use of play action as opposed to 5.4 Y/A without, the largest differential in the league to open the season.
  • The Titans have blitzed just 14.6% of the time (29th) and have created pressure on just 8.3% of their blitzes, the lowest rate in the league.

Trust = spike production for that player


Deshaun Watson: Monday Night was more of the same for what we have seen from Watson with the Browns. He just does not look comfortable as a passer in this offense.

Through two games, Watson has completed just 55.1% of his passes. The only quarterback with a lower rate is Zach Wilson (54.2%).

Watson is 30th in yards per pass attempt (5.6 Y/A), ahead of Joe Burrow (4.2 Y/A) and Bryce Young (4.2 Y/A).

18.8% of Watson’s throws have been inaccurate, ahead of only Jordan Love (19.2%).

We have a mounting sample where Watson just may not get back to the passer he was early in his career, but for fantasy we do know he is at least willing to run.

Watson has rushed for 45 and 22 yards over the first two games.

As bad as Watson has been as a passer, we will have to give him another look this weekend against the Titans.

Tennessee is not only a proven pass funnel because of their stout run defense, but they have once again opened the season struggling to defend the pass.

The Titans are 27th in passing points allowed (18.2 per game), allowing 305 passing yards to both Derek Carr and Justin Herbert.

If Watson cannot get over as a passer and a fantasy QB1 here, he will be hard to place faith in when he hits the soft part of his schedule Weeks 7-9. 

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