Welcome to Week 17 of The Worksheet, a comprehensive fantasy football preview, by Rich Hribar.

What is The Worksheet from Rich Hribar?

The Worksheet is a comprehensive weekly fantasy football preview for each NFL game. Rich Hribar analyzes the matchup for every notable fantasy player for every game every week of the NFL season.

Happy New Year!

We have worked through 16 weeks of the season and have arrived at what is the final week for the majority of fantasy leagues.

If you made your seasonal league championship, congratulations!

You survived the ultimate war of attrition this year.

Good luck in all of your championship matchups this week.

If injuries or misfortune have worked against you this season, there is still DFS action to get into and make the most of the remainder of the season.

Week 17 is the final week with a Thursday game.

The league is going to mercifully put an end to our Thursday night experience in 2023 with the Jets, which feels fitting.

We only have one Saturday game this week, but it is a potential banger with the Lions and Cowboys.

Fantasy points should be scored in that one.

There also is no Monday Night Football this week. The rest of the action will be decided by Sunday night with the Packers at Vikings.

A brief housekeeping note.

Due to the way that the holidays fell this season, this will be a truncated version of the Worksheet.

Losing nearly all of Monday to family and having six teams still in action, I lost the capability to produce all of the game-by-game bullet points that we usually have to kick off every preview.

I am still digging into each player that matters for every game.

This article will be updated throughout the week to reflect major news or injury implications.

I encourage you to use the game-by-game tables and data points here in conjunction with the player rankings that will be available each Wednesday and enjoy the games.

Click the matchups below for the individual game previews.

Week 17 Fantasy Football Matchups

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