Welcome to Week 4 of The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview, by Rich Hribar.

Three weeks are now in the books as we are now fleshing out a real sample of what we have on a team basis and player basis.

While approaching the end of the first month of the season, the year is still fresh. Big games and opponent influence still carry a lot of weight into overall statistics, but we are getting there. As always, the more information we acquire, the most robust our evidence-based approach can be. 

We are still two weeks away from any byes, so we have another full week ahead in Week 4.

We also have our first game in London this weekend, so make sure to account for all of the lineup transactions and injury reports that come with an early kickoff on Sunday morning.

This article will be updated throughout the week to reflect major news or injury implications. I encourage you to use the game-by-game tables and data points here in conjunction with the player rankings that will be available every week this season each Wednesday and enjoy the games.

Click the matchups below for the individual game previews.

Week 4 Matchups

MIA at CIN: Thursday, Sep 29 – 8:20pm ET
MIN vs NO (in London): Sunday, Oct 2 – 9:30am ET
BUF at BAL: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
CHI at NYG: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
CLE at ATL: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
JAX at PHI: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
NYJ at PIT: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
TEN at IND: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET (unlocked)
LAC at HOU: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
SEA at DET: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET (unlocked)
WAS at DAL: Sunday, Oct 2 – 1pm ET
ARI at CAR: Sunday, Oct 2 – 4:05pm ET
DEN at LVR: Sunday, Oct 2 – 4:25pm ET
NE at GB: Sunday, Oct 2 – 4:25pm ET
KC at TB: Sunday, Oct 2 – 8:20pm ET
LAR at SF: Monday, Oct 3 – 8:30pm ET