The Super Bowl LVI matchup is set between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, so let’s break down a few Super Bowl player props worth betting on this week.

Over the last week we’ve covered Super Bowl props from a variety of angles, and now it’s time for one last round-up of a few non-traditional prop bets that are worth considering. 

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Although Cooper Kupp is clearly the Rams’ go-to receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. plays a significant role early in games, making him good value on these prop bets:

  • Player to make first reception: +750 on BetMGM
  • Rams player to make first reception: +400 on BetMGM

Since joining the Rams in Week 10, Beckham has recorded the Rams’ first reception of the game in six of 11 contests. Kupp has the first reception just twice in that span.

Beckham also has a team-high 27% target share in the first five minutes of the game since joining the Rams, compared to a 17% target share in the remainder of the game, according to TruMedia. 

It appears as though Los Angeles has made a consistent effort to get Beckham Jr. involved early, making him a great value on each of these prop bets. 


Although Beckham should factor into the passing game early, he has not been a big-play threat for the Rams, making Tee Higgins a fairly safe bet on this prop:

  • Tee Higgins to have a longer reception than Odell Beckham Jr.: -130 on BetMGM

Since Week 10 (when Beckham joined the Rams), he has seven receptions of at least 20 yards. 

In that same span, Higgins has twice as many 20-yard receptions (14) 一 more than any receiver in the Super Bowl other than Kupp. 

Since Higgins also sees a slightly higher target share (20% compared to 18%) and a higher percentage of his targets at 10 or more yards downfield (53% to 48%), we should feel fairly confident in the likelihood of Higgins having the longer reception in the Super Bowl. 


The Cincinnati Bengals typically do not start games with an impressive first drive and the likelihood of them scoring out of the gate against a strong Rams’ defense is even more remote. As a result, betting on the Bengals to punt on their first drive looks like a solid move:

  • Bengals first drive result: punt (-110) on BetMGM

The Rams force a punt on 60% of opponents opening possessions, the league’s fifth-highest rate, according to TruMedia. 

The Bengals punt on 55% of their opening drives, the 10th highest rate in the league. 

With this prop set to -110, the implied odds are 52%, which is clearly lower than we should expect given the rates produced by Cincinnati’s offense and Los Angeles’s defense this season.

Although it’s a less exciting bet than some of the longshot props available, the odds do appear to be in our favor to bet on Cincinnati punting on its opening possession.

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