The Worksheet, a comprehensive fantasy football preview by Rich Hribar, breaks down everything you need to know about the Week 4 matchup between the Jets and Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

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Kansas CityRank@NY JetsRank
-9.5 Spread9.5
26.0 Implied Total16.5
13.34Points All./Gm20.312
61.79Opp. Plays/Gm73.331
5.85Off. Yards/Play4.231
4.65Def. Yards/Play4.89
42.16%17Opp. Rush %48.18%29
57.84%16Opp. Pass %51.82%4

  • The Jets have converted a league-low 21.6% (8-of-37) of their third downs.
  • The Chiefs are averaging a league-high 8.7 yards per play on third downs.
  • The Jets have 27 fewer first downs than their opponent, the worst differential in the league.
  • The Chiefs are averaging a first down or touchdown once every 3.1 offensive plays, fifth in the league.
  • The Jets are averaging a first down or touchdown once every 4.9 plays, 31st in the league.
  • The Jets have already run 60 fewer plays than their opponent. The next closest team is at -40.
  • Opponents have punted on 46.9% of their drives against the Chiefs, the second-highest rate in the league.

Trust = spike production for that player


Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes has climbed each week of the early season. He has completed 53.8%, 70.7%, and 72.7% of his passes while passing for 5.8 yards, 7.4 yards, and 8.2 yards per pass attempt.

Mahomes still has multiple passing touchdowns in every game this season, scoring 19.5, 21.2, and 25.7 standard fantasy points per game.

Mahomes is a set-and-forget fantasy QB1, but he should have to work for it here.

The Jets have opened the year allowing 6.4 yards per pass attempt (12th) and have not allowed any of Josh Allen, Dak Prescott, or Mac Jones to throw for 7.0 yards per attempt in any game.

The Jets have not allowed more than two passing touchdowns in a game since Week 3 of last season.

An underrated part of Mahomes’ game has been the evolution of his rushing production. Through three games, Mahomes is averaging 34.3 rushing yards and 5.3 rushes per game, which would be career-highs if they continue.

His legs give him another avenue for production if the Jets do slow down this passing game at all.

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