The start of the 2022 NFL season is more than five months away, but an offseason full of roster shakeups has garnered attention. With free agency still underway and the draft more than a month away, NFL win totals were released early this year by many sportsbooks.

Below, we break down the current and opening NFL Team win totals, odds, biggest movers and best bets.

2022 NFL Team Win Totals & Odds

TeamBETMGM Win TotalsMay 10 OddsBETMGM Win TotalsApril 15 ODDSWin Total April 4Odds April 4Win Total Mar 25 Odds Mar 25
Arizona CardinalsOver 9.5+135Over 9.5+135Over 9-110Over 9-110
Under 9.5-165Under 9.5-165Under 9-110Under 9-110
Atlanta FalconsOver 4.5-105Over 4.5-115Over 5+100Over 5.5-120
Under 4.5-115Under 4.5-'105Under 5-120Under 5.5+100
Baltimore RavensOver 9.5-125Over 9.5-125Over 9.5-130Over 9.5-125
Under 9.5+105Under 9.5+105Under 9.5+110Under 9.5+105
Buffalo BillsOver 11.5-125Over 11.5-120Over 11.5-135Over 11.5-135
Under 11.5+105Under 11.5+100Under 11.5+115Under 11.5+115
Carolina PanthersOver 5.5-120Over 5.5-120Over 6-110Over 6-110
Under 5.5+100Under 5.5+100Under 6-110Under 6-110
Chicago BearsOver 6.5-140Over 6.5-140Over 7+115Over 7.5+110
Under 6.5+115Under 6.5+115Under 7-135Under 7.5-130
Cincinnati BengalsOver 9.5-120Over 9.5-120Over 10+110Over 10+110
Under 9.5+100Under 9.5+100Under 10-130Under 10-130
Cleveland Browns
Dallas CowboysOver 10.5-110Over 10.5-110Over 10.5-105Over 10.5-105
Under 10.5-110Under 10.5-110Under 10.5-115Under 10.5-115
Denver BroncosOver 10.5+130Over 10.5+130Over 10-125Over 10-125
Under 10.5-160Under 10.5-160Under 10+105Under 10+105
Detroit LionsOver 6.5 +115Over 6.5 +120Over 6 -125Over 6 -115
Under 6.5-140Under 6.5-150Under 6+105Under 6-105
Green Bay PackersOver 10.5-145Over 10.5-140Over 11-125Over 11-125
Under 10.5+120Under 10.5+115Under 11+105Under 11+105
Houston TexansOver 4.5-105Over 4.5-105Over 4.5-105Over 4.5-105
Under 4.5-115Under 4.5-115Under 4.5-115Under 4.5-115
Indianapolis ColtsOver 9.5-140Over 9.5-125Over 9.5-130Over 9.5-110
Under 9.5+115Under 9.5+105Under 9.5+110Under 9.5-110
Jacksonville JaguarsOver 6.5 +105Over 6.5 +105Over 6-120Over 6.5+100
Under 6.5-125Under 6.5-125Under 6+100Under 6.5-120
Kansas City ChiefsOver 10.5-115Over 10.5-140Over 10.5-115Over 11+115
Under 10.5-105Under 10.5+115Under 10.5+105Under 11-135
Las Vegas RaidersOver 8.5-110Over 8.5-110Over 8.5-110Over 8-125
Under 8.5-110Under 8.5-110Under 8.5-110Under 8+105
Los Angeles ChargersOver 10.5+120Over 10.5+120Over 10-120Over 10-120
Under 10.5-145Under 10.5-145Under 10+100Under 10+100
Los Angeles RamsOver 10.5-100Over 10.5-115Over 10.5-115Over 10.5-115
Under 10.5-120Under 10.5-105Under 10.5-105Under 10.5-105
Miami DolphinsOver 8.5-130Over 8.5-120Over 9-110Over 8.5-130
Under 8.5+110Under 8.5+100Under 9-110Under 8.5+100
Minnesota VikingsOver 8.5-130Over 8.5-130Over 9-110Over 9-110
Under 8.5+110Under 8.5+110Under 9-110Under 9-110
New England PatriotsOver 8.5-120Over 8.5-120Over 8.5-125Over 8.5-125
Under 8.5+100Under 8.5+100Under 8.5+105Under 8.5+105
New Orleans SaintsOver 8.5+120Over 8.5+120Over 8-110Over 7.5-120
Under 8.5-145Under 8.5-140Under 8-110Under 7.5+100
New York GiantsOver 7.5+130Over 7.5+125Over 7-110Over 7.5+115
Under 7.5-160Under 7.5-155Under 7-110Under 7.5-135
New York JetsOver 5.5-145Over 5.5-120Over 5.5-115Over 5-130
Under 5.5+120Under 5.5+100Under 5.5-105Under 5+110
Philadelphia EaglesOver 8.5-150Over 8.5-115Over 8.5-110Over 8.5+100
Under 8.5+125Under 8.5-105Under 8.5-110Under 8.5-120
Pittsburgh SteelersOver 7.5-120Over 7.5-120Over 7.5-120Over 7.5-110
Under 7.5+100Under 7.5+100Under 7.5+100Under 7.5-110
San Francisco 49ersOver 9.5-140Over 9.5-140Over 10-115Over 10-115
Under 9.5+120Under 9.5+120Under 10-105Under 10-105
Seattle SeahawksOver 5.5-140Over 5.5-130Over 6+100Over 6.5+100
Under 5.5+115Under 5.5+110Under 6-120Under 6.5-120
Tampa Bay BuccaneersOver 11.5-110Over 11.5-110Over 11.5-110Over 11.5-110
Under 11.5-110Under 11.5-110Under 11.5-110Under 11.5-110
Tennessee TitansOver 9.5+100Over 9.5+100Over 9.5-110Over 9.5-110
Under 9.5-120Under 9.5-120Under 9.5-110Under 9.5-110
Washington CommandersOver 7.5-125Over 7.5-125Over 7.5-120Over 7.5+100
Under 7.5+105Under 7.5+105Under 7.5+100Under 7.5-120


Biggest Movers in NFL Win Totals

In the first week of wagering, seven teams had movements in Win Totals, which we have factored into NFL Strength of Schedule.

Teams Totals Win Total Movement

  • Jacksonville Jaguars dropped from 6.5 wins to 6 wins (Apr 4).
  • Kansas City Chiefs dropped from 11.5 wins to 11 wins (Apr 4).
  • Seattle Seahawks dropped from 6.5 wins to 6 wins (Apr 4).
  • Atlanta Falcons opened at 5.5 wins and were bet down to 5 wins (Mar 30).
  • Chicago Bears opened at 7.5 wins and were bet down to 7 wins (Mar 30).
  • Las Vegas Raiders opened at 8 wins -125 over and were bet up to 8.5 wins (Mar 30).
  • Miami Dolphins opened at 8.5 wins -130 over and moved to 9 wins (Mar 30).
  • New Orleans Saints opened at 7.5 wins -120 over and moved to 8 wins (Mar 30).
  • The New York teams’ totals are headed in opposite directions as the Giants opened 7.5 -135 under dropped to 7 wins, while the Jets opened at 5 -130 over shifted to 5.5 wins (Mar 30).


Get the Best Odds Available

Whether betting for a hobby or trying to win money in the current betting landscape the most important fundamental is getting the best available odds.  Don’t leave money on the table by betting at one sportsbook, sign-up and take advantage of the sign-up bonuses available from multiple sportsbooks. Take advantage of the offers available, but also know the rules of each offer.

Early Best Bets for NFL Win Totals

Indianapolis Colts, Over 9.5 -125 BETMGM
An early teaser to the famous Sharp strength of schedule charts, but the Colts have 2 games against both the Texans and Jaguars and 4 games against opponents from the NFC East.  The Colts also have upgraded on the field and off the field at the quarterback position with Matt Ryan replacing Carson Wentz.

Kansas City Chiefs, Under 10.5  +115 BETMGM
Another teaser of the Sharp strength of schedule, but the Chiefs play 6 divisional games against teams that have upgraded key positions.  The Chiefs also play the very competitive NFC West and meet up with the 2022 division winning Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  A difficult opponent schedule combined with the loss of Tyreek Hill on offense, and 12 wins for the Chiefs would be a great accomplishment.


When Should you bet on NFL Win Totals?

Win totals in the past were typically not available until after the NFL draft.  Sportsbooks are now offering these bets earlier and you the bettor should understand why.

Sportsbooks are holding any money wagered on NFL team totals until early January 2023, which adds time value to the sportsbooks hold of 4.7%.  Holding money for 10 months gives the sportsbooks to increase profits greater than the regular vig of a -110 wager.

In addition,  sportsbooks are also getting early exposure to the market while limits are relatively low and adjusting lines, reducing exposure and risk when limits are raised.

When placing a future bet such as NFL Win Total months prior to the season starting an important concept to understand is the time value of money. The concept that money is worth more now than the same sum will be worth in the future due to its earning potential in the interim. Sportsbooks are enticing bettors to place wagers earlier and earlier on future bets.

Wagering now comes at an opportunity cost as NFL Win Total Wagers will not be graded until January 2023 tying up funds wagered for nearly 9 months.

Also, as information regarding the schedule is missing, which includes travel and net rest, waiting for complete information will help reduce variance.

Other NFL Futures Bets to Consider

Bet $10, win $200 if any player
hits a 3-pointer in that game!